In a World where technology is essential..

In a world where technology is essential, finding a loyal partner is not complicated. I work with Irish, Spanish and English customers offering IT Consultancy Services related with Infraestructure, Virtualization, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure

Main Services

IT Consulting

– IT Overviews & Documentation
– On-premises & Azure Deployments
– Enterprise Wi-Fi Designs
– Microsoft 365 Audits
– Advanced RDS & VDI deployments
– Project Management

Merges & Migrations

– Email to Microsoft Exchange
– File Shares to SharePoint
– OneDrive & SharePoint Migrations
– Virtualization
– IaaS migration to Azure
– Data Migration
– Application Migration


– Tailored Training Programs
– In-House training
– On-Line Training

IT Enterprise Architect as a Service

The role of an IT Enterprise Architect extends beyond individual projects; they provide a long-term vision for the organization’s IT infrastructure. By identifying opportunities for standardization, consolidation, and automation, they enable businesses to eliminate unnecessary expenses, minimize downtime, and ensure scalability as the company grows. What we do as IT Enterprise Architects:


IT Business Process

Structure, goals, processes, and key capabilities to ensure business strategies and the architecture.



Data structure, storage, integration, and security, for the enterprise’s operations and decision-making.



Providing a clear direction and purpose for the development and evolution of the architecture.



Supporting the organization’s business and data requirements, ensuring an efficient environment.

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